The Past History

After re-public in Taiwan, Nation Central University offers Bachelor's degree in 1969, Master's degree in 1974, and degree of PH.D. in1987. In 1991, we doubled the number of persons designated for the entrance permission of the undergraduates and established three branches of Mathematics, Calculation, and Probability & Statistics. This strategy is also the revolution of education among every Math Departments in Taiwan R.O.C.

The present situation

The Mathematics Department is located in the Hong-Jing Building (from 1st floor to 4th floor), National Central University campus, Chungli City. There is a computer lab and department library opened to our faculties and students for access. In the computer lab, the software and hardware are well prepared and renew frequently. Over eighty PC in the computer room for tuition purpose and two students as web administrators plus nine part-time student worker manage the lab. In our library, we collect plenty of important, valuable, and useful journals for providing them to our faculties and students. Besides, we also have a video conference room for assistant tuition. In 2003, our department invite eight professors, thirteen associate professors, and four assistant professors as full-time position; meanwhile, we also invite some adjunct professors and assistant adjunct professors to give lectures. Our field of research includes Analysis, Differential Equations, Algebra, Theory of Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, Numerical Calculation, Discrete Mathematics, etc.

All the undergraduates in our department are required to take and pass Calculus (6 credits), Advanced Calculus (8 credits), Linear Algebra(6 credits), Algebra(3 credits), Complex Variables(3 credits), Probability and Statistics(4 credits), and Theory of computing(6 credits). Base on the foundation, students can choose the branch academic field such as Mathematics, Calculation, and Probability & Statistics for advanced study according to their interests and personal goal of achievement. For those who want to be teachers, they can take pedagogy courses.

Lots of our undergraduates take further education after getting their Bachelor's degree and they are spread into every academic organization in our country. Due to the selection of the three branches to study from us, many of our graduates apply for department of Mathematics, Information Management, Computer Science, Industrial Economics, Finance, Statistics, and even Education, they get entrance permission from them . This is one of our department's characteristic that our graduates have the most choices for their further education.

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