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R_note -- The Exploration of Statistical Software R (統計軟體 R 深度歷險)
About R_note
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Section: About R_note

About the readers

Who are interesting in this note? Where are they from? A record from google analytics shows the possible visits.

About this site

This site is maintained by the Department of Mathematics, National Central University, Taiwan. I must offer my heartfelt thanks to them who provide the excellent service and allow me to retain this note.

About this note

All references are collected at "Reference". Several useful links are already untraceable. In case of the original page loses, I have made a mirror for each on-line documents or packages, and the source links and the mirrors will be provided simultaneously. Please tell me any place where should be cited if I forget and it is original in this note. Please tell me any mirror where violates your copyright in this note, it must be removed immediately.

The goal of this note of R is "keep it simple, keep it short, and keep it clear". This note demonstrates as "step by step" in different levels from basic commands to complex programming. Some are not easy, but it should be useful for advanced users to handle with other applications. Each topic is explained by simple examples, which are collected from on-line documents, textbooks, or simplified from my programs. In each line of examples, all are subjectively meaningful either for computer scientists or statisticians.

Special thanks to Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan, they offered me a chance as part of my military service, and provided an environment to try and write a lot of different applications. Although some ideas were not mature enough during this period, I tried to write down every key points according to my programming experience. Any topic, which I interest in and is not completed will be listed in the section of "Not end".

About R's version

R version 1.6 for MS windows was used to write this note. Most examples can also run for version 1.5 to 2.4. Without any claim, all codes used in examples were presumed to be coded in R version 1.6 and Linux System.

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