The computer lab is one of the important units in our department. Daily affairs are handled by two system and web administrators (in charge by a undergraduate and a graduate student) and nine part-time worker. They also offer the services of system management, counsel, maintenance and support computing related courses. One of our department's characteristic is "Opportunity" and we don't need to look for others to help maintaining our computer equipment like the other departments. Every students who have ambition to make their achievement in computing are welcome to participate in every projects and assignments in our lab. They can study and learn from each other which may be the unbreakable foundation of experience as the knowledge to their career in the future.
In Computer labs, the computer room is used the most frequently than any other facilities. We offer lots of courses involved computer tuition; therefore, most of the time will be lectured in this classroom for direct instruction and practice. In our computer room, we have over 80 computers including 2.4GHz, 2.6GHz,and 2.8GHz for Celeron & 1.6Ghz, and 2.4GHz for Pentium 4. What is more, for helping our professors' teaching, we deploy three projectors (two are assigned aside in the big-scale classroom, and other is equipped in the small-scale classroom) for demonstration.

The computer rooms are not only for lecturing purpose, but also opened to students during free time schedule (opened from 10A .M to 9P.M Monday to Friday except Friday to 5P.M). All students in our department are welcome to use and students can do their assignments, projects, papers even search information from internet or send/receive their emails. We also provide a printer for students to print out their paper work.

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