Our department building is located in the west side of the NCU. It is a seven-floor building closing to the Lake C.U. which is famous for its beautiful view. In front of the office building, there is a square where we usually hold activities for our students and faculties. The brief description of the function to the Hong-Jing Building is as follows:
1st Floor: Computer labs, Office of Student Association, and
General classrooms
2nd Floor: Library of Mathematic Department, Professors'
reserved computer labs, and Professors' offices
3rd Floor: Department office, Conference rooms,
Professors'offices, and Teaching assistants' office
4th Floor: Postgraduates' reserved computer labs,
Professors'offices, Postgraduates' reserved classrooms

                    Office                                                        Hong-Jing Building
The Hong-Jing Building M-107 and eight Hong-Jing New Building's classrooms are assigned to our undergraduates for teaching purpose. Due to a two-layer blackboard and two 30 inch televisions are equipped in Hong-Jing Building M-107, this classroom is also arranged for the purpose of both academic study and giving a lecture. M-116 is a lecture theater which can offer up to 106 people; therefore, this classroom is for lecturing and courses which allow higher amount of students to take.

                            The Hong-Jing                     M-116

                New Building 's classroom
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