Fu-Tsun Wei
Gender Male
Rank Assistant Professor
Education Ph. D., National Tsing Hua University
Tel 886-3-4227151 Ext. 65107
Fax 886-3-4257379
Office Room 415, Hong-Jing Building
Field Number Theory
2016/08~ Assistant Professor, National Central University
2013/09~2016/07 Research Scholar, Academia Sinica
2010/11~2013/09 Postdoctoral Fellow, National Tsing Hua University
2012 Post Doctoral Research Article Award of National Science Council.
2010 Ph. D. Dissertation Gold Medal Award of the Mathematical Society of the Republic of China.

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2.Fu-Tsun Wei & Jing Yu, Theta series and function field analogue of Gross formulaDocumenta Mathematica16 (2011) 723-765.

3.Fu-Tsun Wei & Chia-Fu Yu, Mass formula of division algebras over global function fieldsJournal of Number Theory 132 (2012) 1170-1184.

4.Fu-Tsun Wei, On metaplectic forms over function fieldsMathmatische Annalen Volume 355 Issue 1 (2013) 235-258.

5.Fu-Tsun Wei, On Rankin triple product L-functions over function fields: central critical valuesMathematische Zeitschrift Volume 276 Issue 3-4 (2014) 925-951.

6.Fu-Tsun Wei & Chia-Fu Yu, Class numbers of central simple algebras over global function fieldsInternational Mathematics Research Notices No. 11 (2015) 3525-3575.
7.Chih-Yun Chuang & Ting-Fung Lee & Fu-Tsun Wei & Jing Yu, Brandt matrices and theta series over global function fields
Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society Volume 237 Number 1117 (2015).

8.Mihran Papikian & Fu-Tsun Wei, The Eisenstein ideal and Jacquet-Langlands isogeny over function fieldsDocumenta Mathematica 20 (2015) 551-629.

9.Fu-Tsun Wei, On the Siegel-Weil formula over function fieldsThe Asian Journal of Mathematics Volume 19 Number 3 (2015) 487-526.

10.Mihran Papikian & Fu-Tsun Wei, On the Eisenstein ideal over function fieldsJournal of Number Theory (Special issue in honor of Winnie Li) 161 (2016) 384-434.


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