Kuo-Shih Tseng
Gender Male
Rank Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, Universit
Tel 886-3-4227151 Ext. 65119
Fax 886-3-4257379
Office Room 407, Hong-Jing Building
Field Robotic search, Human behavior analysis and reinforcement learning
2018/8 ~ Assistant professor, National Central University
2017/7 ~ 2018/7 Visiting researcher, International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley
2013/1 ~ 2016/8 Teaching/research assistant, University of Minnesota
2006/9 ~ 2006/12 Visiting scientist, CSAIL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2005 ~ 2009 Associate researcher, Intelligent robotics technology division, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
1.Elite Scholarship, MIT-ITRI cooperation, 2006.
2.ITRI Laurel Lecturer (Top 15 of 456 ITRI Lecturers), 2008.
3.ITRI highly cited patent award, 2011.
4.Graduate assistantship from Medical school at the University of Minnestoa, 2014.

A. International Journal Paper

1. Kuo-Shih Tseng and Bérénice Mettler, ˇ§Near-Optimal Probabilistic Search using Spatial Fourier Sparse Set,ˇ¨ Autonomous Robots, 2017.

2. Yunhe Shen, Kuo-Shih Tseng and Fan Wu, ˇ§A motion tracking and inertial measurement unit-distance sensor fusion module for medical simulation,ˇ¨ Journal of Medical Devices, Transactions of the ASME, 2016.

3. Kuo-Shih Tseng and Bérénice Mettler, ˇ§Near-Optimal Probabilistic Search via Submodularity and Sparse Regression,ˇ¨ Autonomous Robots, 2015.

4. Kuo-Shih Tseng and Angela Chih-Wei Tang, ˇ§Self-Localization and Stream Field based Partially Observable Moving Object Trackingˇ¨, EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, Special issue on Robots and Autonomy, Feb. 2009.

B. International Conference Paper 

1. Kuo-Shih Tseng and Bérénice Mettler, ˇ§Human Planning and Coordination in Spatial Search Problemsˇ¨, 1st IFAC Conference on Cyber-Physical and Human-Systems, 2016.

2. Yunhe Shen, Fan Wu, Kuo-Shih Tseng, Ding Ye, John Raymond, Badrinath Konety, Robert M. Sweet ˇ§A Motion Tracking and Sensor Fusion Module for Medical Simulation,ˇ¨ Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR), 2016.

3. Kuo-Shih Tseng and Chih-Wei Tang, "Goal-oriented and Map-based People Tracking Using Virtual Force Field," IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and System (IROS'10), Taipei, Oct. 2010. [pdf]

4. Kuo-Shih Tseng and Chih-Wei Tang, "Stream field based people searching and tracking conditioned on SLAM," IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA'09) Workshop on People Detection and Tracking, Kobe, May 2009. [pdf]    

5. Kuo-Shih Tseng, ˇ§A Stream field based partially observable moving object tracking algorithm,ˇ¨ 10th IEEE International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCVˇ¦08), Hanoi, Vietnam, Dec. 2008. [pdf]


C. Patent (US: 3, China: 4, R.O.C: 7, Total: 14) [Link]

1. Syh-Shiuh Yeh, Meng-Chun Chen, Kuo-Shih Tseng and Mao-Feng Tu. Mobile robot platform and method for sensing movement of the same. [Link]

U.S Patent: No.7747349, 2010-2028.

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2. Syh-Shiuh Yeh, Meng-Chun Chen, Kuo-Shih Tseng and Mao-Feng Tu, Yang-Hua Lin. Apparatus for multi-joint lower limb exercise. [Link]

R.O.C. Patent: No. I303169, 2008-2025.

R.O.C. Patent: No. I295183, 2008-2025.

3. Hung-Hsiu Yu, Kuo-Shih Tseng, Yu-Lun Ho, Mao-Feng Tu and Chun-Hung Liu. Obstacle and cliff avoiding system and method thereof. [Link]

U.S Patent.: No. 7643906, 2010-2028.

R.O.C. Patent: No. I303754, 2008-2026.

China Patent: No. ZL200610082846.X, 2006-2026.

4. Chin-Chong Chiang, Chiu-Wang Chen, Kuo-Shih Tseng, Ta-Chih Hung, Yaw-Nan Lee and Fu-Kuang Yeh. Apparatus with surface information displaying and interaction capability. [Link]

R.O.C. Patent: No. I306051, 2009-2026.

China Patent: No. 200610170233.1, 2010-2027.

5. Kuo-Shih Tseng, Chiu-Wan Chen,Yi-Ming Chu, Hung-Hsiu Yu and Wei-Han Wang. Method and device of human robot interaction using tactile sensors. [Link]

R.O.C. Patent: No. I349870, 2008-2026.

China Patent: 200610168683.7, 2008-2026.

6. Kuo-Shih Tseng, Hsiang-Wen Hsieh and Wei-Han Wang. A prediction and alarms of moving objects in the hidden blind spot system and its method. [Link]

R.O.C. Patent: No. I314115, 2009-2027.

U.S Patent: No. 8044780. 2011-2029.


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